Lost songs

This post is going to be a little weird but I’m sure it will tie together well. These last two days have been a wild ride. I have experienced every emotion from extreme sadness to complete bliss to overwhelming anger and even in many cases complete calm. In the last few days these emotions have come and gone at different times and sometimes extremely quickly even to the point of me not being able to sleep.

Now, with that out of the way. Today started off as a standard Monday (pretty crappy) and after going to work and getting some things done it was just on cruise control. That was until I was about an hour away from the end of my work day. I got a message from my ex who I hadn’t talked to in quite some time (the breakup hit her pretty hard). Usually this wouldn’t even really bother me but her message really struck me a bit and got me thinking about if people who dated can actually go back to being friends without the fact that they dated impacting that and I have come to an answer.

I cannot. Everyone I have ever dated has been a friend before the relationship to some extent and in every case the fact that we had a relationship has adversely affected our friendship. Here is the breakdown:

1) Still a friend but is kept very distant because not certain how much I can trust her and not sure how much I can trust myself. (Let’s call this one tease)
2) Don’t talk to her and have no intention of it anymore. (Let’s call this one cheating bitch)
3) This one is the one who messaged me recently. We won’t be friends again, at least not likely. If we do become friends again it will be a very touchy situation and it will never be even close to how it was before.

I understand that other people have had different experiences in this area and I would love to hear your thoughts on this. What have you learned from your experiences in this area?


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