Learning What I Value

Tonight I was hanging with a good friend and I was lucky enough to learn more about myself and the things I truly value. I am forever grateful to everyone in my life who has allowed me to grow through my conversations with them.

Tonight I learned that I value understanding of myself and helping others do the same for themselves above and beyond anything physical. Even passing up a physical connection to try to help both others and myself grow. I have found that physical connection is important but understanding who someone truly is and what they value is the closest you can get to truly caring for another.

It is an interesting feeling knowing what my place and point in this life is and I love the fact that I have found it in my current state (it will continue to change the more I learn).

As I like ending these posts with a question and a quote here is my question to you… If you died in 5 minutes could you look back on your life and say that you had a true impact on another?  Could you say that you helped them grow and helped them see another aspect of who they truly are?

This is my goal in life. Is to have that profound of an impact on at least one person. Helping them grow as a person.

The quote I want to leave you is the following:

“When you play for the sake of another person, it can make all the difference in the world. It’s like you and that one friend of yours, the one you truly admire. You’re playing for him whether he knows it or not. When you have shared your art with a room full of people, when you have given them a window into your soul and your hearts beat as one; That’s the moment music goes deeper than words.”



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