Being Truly Touched…

Tonight as I sit here trying to mentally prep for my race Saturday I am thinking about the power of a simple touch. Allow your heart to go on a journey with me if you will. Imagine yourself living in the world and being unable to be touched by anyone otherwise you would disappear. Spending 30+ years living in that state of being while trying to connect with people and knowing you won’t ever die of old age of sickness. Then finally finding someone who truly sees who you are and you both fall in love. You spend 5 years getting to know everything that you can possibly know about them and the more you know, the deeper you fall in love with them.

What would you do? Would you touch them and allow yourself to disappear? or would you simply continue being with them until they grew old and passed away?

After giving this a bit of thought I think I would allow myself to touch them even if it cost me all of my being. I know that it would have a massive impact on them in a potentially negative way but I also know that making the choice to finally be able to touch them even if it is as simple as a hug would be worth so much that I would be willing to trade all of eternity for that few moments of connection. Obviously choosing this wouldn’t be something I would do lightly and it would take an immense amount of certainty that the feelings I had for them were worth that level of sacrifice.

I choose the word sacrifice very specifically in that last sentence though. Not just in the way of giving up time but giving up the time that I had with them specifically. I don’t believe that living a long life actually has any real value. It is what you do in your life that gives it meaning and not how long you live.

The easy answer here would be to wait until they were old to touch them so that they could pass shortly there-after but I feel like this would be robbing them of the level of connection that a simple touch can provide and I think wouldn’t be a kind thing to do to someone. If you were to do this you would essentially be putting them in your same situation with the looming knowledge that they would grow old and die. Before you give this answer ask yourself… Could you really do that to someone you truly loved and that truly loved you?

As I have taken to doing here is a video (sadly no quote this time):


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